About meditation…

  • Meditation has cognitive and psychological benefits that last throughout the day

  • Just 15 minutes of meditation first thing in the morning or during lunch break is recommended to increase productivity and concentration

  • Reduce the risks of burnout and sickness: studies how that meditators produce more anti-bodies and have increased immune function

  • When meditating, the default mode network of the brain is activated which is found to improve memory, self-awareness and goal-setting
  • Meditation literally changes your brainwaves: you produce more alphawaves which reduce negative moods, tension, sadness and anger

Office wellness: mindfulness meditation, yoga and massage

Why do meditation at work?

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase productivity

  • Boost energy

  • Sharpen focus

  • Improve team-work

How much do we procrastinate at work? How tense and stressed do we get when we sit and focus on the computer?

Finding the right balance at work to maximize output and reduce stress leads to healthier, happier and more productive time at work.  We offer services specifically for offices wishing to improve their workplace environment.

Mindfulness and meditation classes

  1. Simple meditation for busy people: We guide individuals or groups through simple body awareness and relaxation techniques.  In a quiet environment, we resist the urge to answer emails and respond to the phone for a few minutes, to focus on breathing, bodily sensations and calm.  No props, no cushions, no fuss.  Just bliss.  Recommended duration: 30-45 mins
  2. Managing stress relaxation seminar:  From 1-8 week seminar course introducing a variety of meditation techniques and practices, building your knowledge, resilience and confidence to meditate regularly.  Learn how to deal with stress with equanimity and calm.  Recommended duration: 60 mins per session

Duration timings are adaptable and can be tailored to your needs: anywhere between 15mins – 1hr as required
Number of participants: 1-40
Requirements: meeting room or office space where phones can be silenced

Office Yoga

  1. Simple yoga class “no sweat no problem”: Duration 30 min
  2. Working yoga set: get your daily basics: Duration 60 min 
  3. “At your desk”: no need to change your seat, we guide you through some effective stretches and movements to improve your posture and your day: Duration 30 min 

Seated massage

One-on-one neck and shoulder massage, tailored to each individual.  Dealing with back pain, headaches and shoulder tension: Duration 15 – 30 mins

“Thought is energy. Active thought is active energy. Concentrated thought is concentrated energy. Thought concentrated on a definitive purpose becomes power.”

Charles F Haanel


Starter consultation and trial session

We come to meet you, assess your needs, the space and figure out a trial plan, and run a 15 min introductory meditation session.


We want our services to be accessible to everyone.  Prices are banded depending on the size and income of your organisation.

Please email rebecca@boundfreebody.com for more details.